Alexandra Rosier

Alexandra grew up with strong personalities who influenced her life. First, her father from Argentina, a great art lover and a silverware collector. He accustomed her to visit museums and to often spend weekends roaming «antique fairs» in England. He looked at silverware while she focused on jewelry. She also grew up with a woman of character, a collector of Victorian jewelry who opened her treasure box, and naturally Alexandra's eyes began to light up.

Trained in Fine Arts in Madrid, Alexandra learned the techniques of fake marble, restoration of old paintings as well as the painstaking work of gilding. Consequently her attention to detail became more refined and she turned to jewelry.

Back in Paris, she studied at BJOP and at the National Institute of Gemology in parallel. Alexandra gained experience at Cartier, in the High Jewelry department. Then she enriched her professional path in the prestigious Graf House in London.

The desire to stand on both feet led her to open a cozy boudoir near the Place Vendôme in Paris where her creations are unique. During her numerous trips to India et Thaïland, Alexandra came across intense and generous stones. Her universe is deliberatly figurative and inspired by nature.

Her collection «Secret Glass» consists of ten pendants nestled in a elegant glass drop set with gold and suspended from a hammered chain. Ten miniatures of eclectic worlds where the stone mixture differ, sublime shades give life, warmth and emotion to this collection. These dreamlines drops, remarquable for their finesse, come to life thanks to the subtle gradation of stones, pink tourmalines, rubellites, diamonds, padparadschas, sapphires... wich tremble with body's movements.

Created with the discreet desire to bring dreams and develop imagination, Alexandra's jewels are intended to travel through time, so to be transmitted.