Mar 4, 2023

Celebrating International Women’s Day With Six Independent Jewelry Designers

Alexandra Rosier/Alexandra Rosier

Paris-based Alexandra Rosier grew up with an Argentinean father, studied in Madrid and wound up back in Paris and explains “I don’t feel like I belong to only one place, but more like a citizen of the world.” She believes there is nothing better than diversity regarding the inspiration for her designs. “It could be an expression of a move, a hand in the hair, the lips, a glance, a laugh which can influence me at any time.” These gestures and expressions along with her travels, textural details, and vibrant colors all inform her feminine, sensual and fluid designs. “But most of all,” she says, “I strive to capture the feeling for the joy of life and spirituality in my collections.”

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Katerina Perez

February 17, 2023

Must-Have Jewels: Five Essentials for the Perfect Capsule Collection

By Sarah Jordan

The Comfortable Jewel

Something precious and comfortable to wear is the ultimate travel companion. Now, I am not simply talking about physical comfort but also being confident that a jewel is secure. For example, I have a pair of drop earrings with diamonds and spinel in white gold by my designer friend Ichien that are my ‘easy jewel’ to wear on trips abroad because of their very secure lock. I know they look lovely and aren’t likely to get lost on my many jewellery adventures!

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February 11, 2023

A Fine Arts Approach To Jewelry

By Beth Bernstein

Designers look towards fine arts, finding inspiration in everything from famous paintings, mosaic tiles, Roman micro mosaics to ceramics and different types of vitreous glass enamel. [...]

Alexandra Rosier 18K gold Frog Secret Glass Pendant is a magical piece with moving gemstones and motifs in tsavorite, moonstones, cabochons, diamonds inside a pear-shaped white sapphire crystal.

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The Eye of Jewelry

February 7, 2023

The anti-Valentine's Day guide to be placed in all (good) hands

By Marie-Caroline Selmer

The challenge? To deconstruct all the preconceived notions about Valentine's Day with a sharp sense of style.

Preconceived notion number 2: "The heart is so old-fashioned"

Although the motif has been seen and seen again, some houses have managed to give it a modern twist, to the point of making it desirable again. Among them, let's mention the American brand Foundrae, which is anything but cheesy, and which inserts it into a medallion, the designer Alexandra Rosier, who turns it into a precious charm, or the house of Dinh Van, which sees love in a big way with a double heart pendant with XL volume.

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February 2023

Shining ever higher

By Judith Spinoza


[...] However, the designer does not wish to make this experience a permanent line, while Alexandra Rosier (formerly Alexandra Abramczyk) chose to extend her field of expression in November, on the occasion of her name change, by presenting seven extraordinary pieces. "I wanted to show other aspects of my creations, wow pieces, other than my pretty multicoloured rings or my simpler collections. I wanted masterpieces that were more significant of my work," says the designer who has worked in the high jewellery workshop of the House of Cartier.

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JCK Magazine

January 12, 2023

Born Ready for These 18 Year of the Rabbit Jewels

by Amy Elliott

I have read that rabbits are generally thought to be lucky in Asian culture and are a universal symbol of abundance, fertility, and imagination. Rabbits are also deeply in tune with the feminine rhythms of the universe.

Selected excerpt from Amy Elliott's article.

Alexandra Rosier's Zodiac Rabbit Charm in rose gold, tsavorites and diamonds selected by Amy Elliott

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