Eternal love hands necklace

Eternal love hands necklace

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This piece represent the esoteric practice of palmistry, with involves reading the lines on one's hands. This miniature version, made from a molding of Alexandra's hands, features articulated hands that can be opened to both give and receive.

The back of the left hand symbolizes masculinity, strength, greatness, the moon and the night. On the palm, the palmistry lines are set with rainbow Sapphires. The right hand represents the sun and a flamboyant woman, symbolizing life and motherhood.On the palm of the right hand, there is an eye of intuition made from enamel on an engraved gold background, ad the zodiac signs are engraved on the phalanges.

Together, these hands embody union and love, forming a heart shape. Each hand also features two inseparable letters engraved inside : Aleph and Beth, with represent the male and female principles respectively.

As a final detail, the wrists are adorned with "bracelets of life" set with Diamonds, symbolizing the link between man and woman, and embellished with a red and a blue Opal.


Data sheet

Yellow gold 18k 63,90g, black Opals 6,70cts, fancy Sapphires 0,58ct, Tsavorites 0,08ct and Damonds 0,50ct.

Chain length : 60cm.

Weight of gold and stones indicated for informational purposes : this information may vary from one piece to another.

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