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I thought of giving a magical or protective action by creating this “Spiritual” collection that introduces both the chakras, the rainbow and the power of the stones : Rainbow, Aura, Eden, Hope, Stars, Fertility, Infinity, Lotus, Soul, Soft, Talismans and Yin & Yang.

I designed this collection as a tribute to my travels: Each theme is a memory of a different country. A Travel Journal of Jewelry: Hong Kong, India, Japan, Los-Angeles, Milan, Misso Roma, PerouSahara and Sultana.

I was keen to create jewels celebrating Love. Love phrases engraved for messages that we would like eternal: All you need is love, For Centuries et To the moon and back.

This collection was designed to highlight the perfection of the nautilus, the sensuality of the snake, the nobility of the spider and the symbol of good luck fish in the Middle East.

In this capsule collection, the designer wanted to show the sensuality and the elegance of the snake on a jewel, the Secrets Glass represent the world that one carries on oneself and the Zodiacs recall its interest for Asia.